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The Baby Lab is a research facility focused on early human development. It is part of the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester.

At the Baby Lab, researchers observe children while they watch movies or play, and then analyze their eye-gaze patterns and brain activity. This data is used to study how children think, learn, and make decisions.

Experimental methods:Research_methods.html
Brain and cognitive development
Language learning
Music cognition
Concept and category formation
Statistical learning

& more.

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Cover Kids: Research participants Clara and Oliver Bender, 11 months, were featured in the Rochester Review as part of a feature story about the Baby Lab.

Little lab documentary by LocalLocal.tv!

Photos: J. Adam Fenster

Baby Lab research is made possible by the many Rochester families who generously take the time to visit and participate in our studies. We are incredibly grateful. Sign-up now to be contacted when your child is eligible for a study, or learn more here.

Little doc: LocalLocal.tv recently visited the Baby Lab and made this lovely 2-1/2-minute documentary. Thank you, LocalLocal.tv!